Thank you so much for my session today.  It was profound.  Beyond words, really.  I cannot imagine doing this work with anyone other than you 🙂  Thank you for taking me ‘there’ and holding the space SO VERY safely for me to release what I had to let go of, and find what I needed to find in myself.
Jennifer Williamson
Having just completed the first module of the Eden Energy Medicine practitioner course, I am truly impressed with the level of teaching, support and the amount of in-depth information taught over the four days.
Simone made it really accessible and easy to ask for help and was very clear in her teaching as were the support assistants Clara and Dave.
I was a little worried as how it would work when some of the class were online and the rest together in the hall, but it was brilliant. I’m not actually sure how Simone managed to make it work so well, but it really did and there was a great connection with everyone.
Thank you so much for this brilliant learning  experience Simone. I can’t wait till module 2.
Denise Copping

Working with Simona has created substantial shifts in my life. I had attempted emotional healing through psychotherapy for over 10 years and I had been through chronic illness on each level:

I was dealing with very deep physical trauma, which has been an integral part of my body for more than 40 years. My mother has Asperger’s (a type of autism) which deeply affected our relationship. My father was an alcoholic.  

Simona was patient and thorough in her explanation of how the methods worked and why. She answered all of my questions and was completely committed to making sure the work we did together was right for me.  I wanted to understand the science and exactly how it was going to work for me. Simona took time and care to explain everything. She broke it down in a totally user friendly way, so that I could continue the work on my own (which she encourages for maximum results.)

Simona is extremely bright, but she is also incredibly intuitive, which is critical in identifying the issues and then going to work on them without wasting a lot of time. I truly felt I was in a protected and safe haven in her presence, and found her kindness and gentle demeanor a rarity.

I can also say with complete confidence that I saw a tremendous amount of progress with my issues in my day to day life, and was completely blown away by some of the things that she uncovered.

It was a truly enlightening experience, and as we are all a constant work in progress, it is very reassuring to know I can go back to Simona to work on other issues as they arise.


The loveliest treatment with Simone. I’ve decided Eden Energy medicine is my favourite kind of healing.  Here’s why:

  1. Simone is highly intuitive: she went straight to the places in my body I needed most support.
  2. There was plenty of hands on work, exactly in the right places. The effect was as relaxing and releasing as a full body massage, but with my clothes on!
  3. I love Simone’s vibe.
  4. Complete and comprehensive: she worked on some structural issues, as well as tiredness AND a lingering chest infection…..amazing.


Energy Medicine has changed and given me my life back. Simone is a very gifted and intuitive healer and after receiving energy medicine from her over a number of sessions, my exhaustion began to disappear, my deep fears to subside and my passion and my purpose for life was reignited! Energy medicine is based on many threads of healing techniques, but you must do the exercises for the healing to be effective. Thank you Simone for supporting me on my path of absolute love and light.

Simone, my Level 1 teacher, has been absolutely fantastic—exceedingly kind, patient, and supportive throughout my first year in EEM. She is extremely accommodating and truly inspiring. She consistently remains available, responding to messages and calls almost instantly. Working with her is truly a delight and a privilege. 💕💕


Simone’s passion for energy medicine is infectious and she teaches her subject in such an enthusiastic and joyful way.  She excels at putting her students at ease and creating a safe space so you feel comfortable asking any questions you may have.  Simone  clearly wants all her students to excel and reach their full potential and this is evident in the way she enables you to have confidence in your abilities.


I would definitely recommend joining Simone’s class! Simone has a way of getting the whole group working together in a really positive way right from the start. She is very energetic, kind, and patient, and keeps her students’ attention focused. She’s adaptable and supportive, and I’ve learned so much about Eden Energy already. The whole group has become like an extended family, and I always really look forward to the next class – I don’t think I speak alone with saying this! Simone’s knack for creating a great supportive and caring atmosphere definitely plays quite a large role here – of course the whole group is also made up of wonderful people!


I would highly recommend to everyone to go to Level 1. Honestly, it’s life changing! I have learnt so much within a year and met some wonderful people. It’s amazing to know how to help when your child is poorly or your friend have a headache or when a relative has pain. Also when we have any illness, you have so many powerful tools to use and they are all very simple and easy to do. I am so grateful that I started it. I also had the most amazing teacher Simone in Frome. She is kind, caring and really the best teacher I ever had in my life.


My name is Lydia. I`m a student of level 1 of EEM certified program. I want to express my appreciation for my teacher Simone Salweski, as a spiritual teacher, loving, kind, patient and supportive in all aspects. If all teachers were like her, it would be a better world. What`s more , the material studied is interesting and empowering.

In appreciation
Lydia Elyashar, Israel

EEM Level 1 was a roller coaster of information that provided such a wonderful foundation for increasing personal awareness of how impactful energy medicine techniques are. After the year of studying and practicing on myself, I saw a marked difference in my resilience, both physical and mental, that allowed me to feel more empowered to self-heal and begin to help friends and family to increase their awareness of how powerful these techniques can be.

Simone Salewski, our teacher and mentor, created such a lovely atmosphere. For me, the balance between the content, the practice, the ethics, and the community was amazing!  Simone continues to keep us all informed and answer questions even after the course finished. This support and the support of my classmates increases confidence.

The course itself is designed to be rigorous enough to ensure that you get the very most out of the content and feel very comfortable in your learning process. I found the practicals very useful. Having Simone observe my treatment style, I received feedback that was aligned with the study content but also aligned with my personal style which served to again, increase my confidence.

Renee Rainville