Sessions with Simone

“Your illness is NOT your fault, but your healing IS your responsibility.”
Donne Eden

When you need extra support in your healing journey.

Creating an energy routine that will work for your body and lifestyle.

Professional insight into the deep structure of your personal path to well being.

Your health relies on a healthy flow of energy.

How it works

“In every Culture and in every tradition before ours, Healing was accomplished by moving energy”

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
(Noble laureate in medicine)

My role isn’t to fix you. Only your body can do the real healing work. I play the role of a midwife, by creating the best possible set up for your body to heal itself – and your life to transform.

Together we Track/uncover and clear the deep energetic structures and patterns which are causing your illness, fatigue, or just holding you back from being your best, most radiant self.

After each session I’ll be giving you personalised, specific energy exercises to consolidate the changes that we’ve created in the session. The body/mind loves to move back into old habits, therefor home-care is crucial to empower you on your journey to being rooted into your own happy and healthy self.

I’m a Life Transformed Advanced life coach as well as a CLP Advanced EEM practitioner and have been successfully combining the work. These Sessions work amazingly well via Zoom or live.

Live sessions are either available in Frome or from my home, a houseboat near Bath.

For more Information please contact Simone in person:

Tel: 00447974553495

Simone Salewski